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Category: Action , Crime
Developer: Eidos Interactive|Square Enix
Size: 12 mb

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Hitman Blood Money torrent
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Blood Money system: the cleaner the hit will get more money, bribery of witnesses and police to your notoriety, weapon customization, special Ausr navigation use can be output to reduce Stung and information.
Nbsp; Custom Weapon: Change Agent 47 custom weapons in a variety of M ouml; opportunities, including ROAD Lich Ton, R navigation use cksto ROAD ;, rate of fire, loss, upload speed, Pr GIRL cision and Ma ROAD rod.
Nbsp; One powerful story: the wipes with ICA and what is their motivation?
Nbsp; The new engine: the world of M ouml; rders has never looked so interactively or as good!
Nbsp; New gameplay techniques: including ROAD Lich disarm, distraction UNF FALLS, K ouml; rperentsorgung, human shields and false weapons.
Nbsp; The new control system and camera system: Agent 47 now moves independently GIRL ngig from the camera.
Nbsp; New steps: Agent 47 can now climb, hide, scale performance and automatically navigation use mountain just low obstacles.
Nbsp; Improved AI: to follow guards bloodstains to investigate, dil GIRL chtige Gegenst HANDS and behavior. The new Pathfinder engine ensures f navigation use r improved tracking and movement with realistic enemy behavior and interaction.
Nbsp; The soundtrack from the BAFTA CROWNED ouml; nth composer Jesper hurry.